Info For New Students


We understand starting karate training may be a little daunting for some however be assured, whether you’re someone who has never done any form of karate or perhaps you’ve been involved in other martial arts, we are always very welcoming of new students into our club.

There are many benefits derived from training in karate, and everybody has their own motive for doing so but one things is universal and that is karate is a something that can be done by all ages and either gender. Our club follows a graduated training syllabus that will slowly develop your skill over a period of time. When stating karate training, a beginner may see other experienced students or instructors performing what may seem amazing feats of agility and speed and quite commonly feel they could never achieve that level, however the style and method we teach will slowly but surely build up your endurance and skill and even after a very short time you’ll be performing things you never thought possible.


Starting karate training in all World Shotokan Karate-do Federation dojo is designed for everybody . . . not just for men and not just for women . . . but for both. Also don’t let age deter you. In our club you’ll find a broad range of ages of students and this is the beauty of karate training – it was a system designed originally for health reasons and as such, benefits can be derived from it for people of all ages young and old. Lack of fitness is sometimes a concern with potential students but this also should not be a concern. Our system is designed to slowly develop an individual’s fitness level and the great thing is karate training could be considered a ‘total body’ workout using your arms, legs and torso in ways you probably wouldn’t do otherwise.


There are numerous benefits that young and developing children can get from a structured karate course. Of course there are the physical benefits derived from the activities performed, but more than that, children will feel a greater sense of self confidence, they will adapt to being part of a strict, disciplined regime that will flow through to their everyday life and this will give them better focus and concentration and help with their academic studies. These things aren’t hearsay they are proven facts we see and have been seen for generations of martial artists. However with all this comes a great responsibility on our part . . . we are well aware of this and embrace it. All our children’s karate classes are run by qualified WSKF instructors. Also we have a special, separate syllabus for young people that will develop their physical and mental skills over a period of time and in doing this, a child gets a wonderful sense of achievement.